Diabetes Free University

We Blend Technology and Proven Diabetes Wellness to Help Reduce the #1 Healthcare
Expense for Your Company !

Diabetes Free University™ is a 16 week, online lifestyle modification program for companies and
organizations that want to reduce the healthcare cost of their highest risk employees – those employees
with the high blood sugar that use a disproportionate share of your healthcare resources. This gives you
the highest ROI for your wellness dollars!


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  • Barbara – Hayden, ID

    I have had diabetes for 12 years.  I started the Diabetes Free Zone Program with Lynne on October 1, 2012.  I had just done my A1C with my doctor and it was 7.4 (moderately high).  In just over 3 months I lost 30 lbs., over 2 pant sizes and my A1C went down to 6.2.  My doctor has completely eliminated my nightly insulin and reduced my daytime one too.  I feel great, sleep better and my knees don’t hurt as they used to. This program uses regular foods, it’s easy to prepare and I am not hungry.

  • Karen – Hickory, NC

    Recently I finished the Diabetes Free Zone diabetes program. Although I knew I had lost weight and that my blood sugar had improved, I had no idea how much my overall health had improved until I went to have my annual physical. The physical showed that my A1c had dropped from 6.3 to 5.2, but that wasn’t all. My Triglycerides had dropped from 207 to 106, my LDL dropped from 168 to 127 and my LDL-P dropped from 2,700 to 1,700. A whopping 1,000 points! My physician was so excited at the results! I am healthier, happier and feel great. Thank you Diabetes Free Zone for giving me the “plan” that I could follow to get my health back.

  • Susan – Post Falls, ID

    I started the Diabetes Free Zone program right after Thanksgiving and I was completely off my insulin within 3 weeks.  I have lost 11 lbs. and have to find new pants because all of them are so big.  I can’t believe the change in my waist and hips.  I am so excited not to have to give myself shots anymore and I am not taking any diabetic medication!  I enjoy coming to the Diabetes Free Zone Class and learning about foods, label reading and new ways to prepare tasty meals.


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